Merry X!

This is just a brief note to wish you and your families well during this festive period.

To call these times “unusual” seems rather quaint and old-fashioned.

If you are like me, you are simply getting tired and this is as good a time as any to rest. You are likely not tired from the normal activities of life, so much as tired of all the bombarding politicians, the well intending but over-exposed epidemiologists, and all those clairvoyants predicting armageddon or a “new normal”. The constant references to “standing with you in these trying times” truly rankles the now over exposed nerves.

I am sapped of any strength to argue over such things as personal rights versus the public good, or where all the rules, regulations and unenforceable guidelines are going to eventually take us.

So this seems like a logical time to take a pause; a time to re-order our respective universes and measure what is truly valuable. A time to hopefully regain our once rational and common sense perspective. We will have lots of time in the coming months to wind up the rants– after all, the possibilities are endless.

For example. Will Surrey Doug McCallum be granted visitor rights from the Surrey pre-trial centre? Will Covid numbers be the new entertainment, a ticker tape playing over the intersection of Yonge, Bloor and Bay streets; or will you be able to lay down some money over Betway as to the next day’s hospitalizations? Will Toronto do away with Covid restrictions because the Leafs finally get past the first round of the playoffs? After all, they did it for the Blue Jays.

Will the Liberal Party become the Liberal Social Democratic Party of Canada? Will we remember the name of the Conservative Leader in 2022? Will the Green Party finally go quietly into the night? Will Chrystia Freeland survive being Finance Minister and the billions in debt to give her time to arm wrestle the Crown from Justin?

Will the Federal government workers ever go back to work? Will we know if they do?

Can another letter be found to add to the LGBTQIA2S+?

Will the disembowelled Military executive have anybody left to head the next Covid 20 or Covid 21 Operation? No doubt to be titled Operation Here we Go Again.

Will Commissioner Lucki do the expected and predictable and retire to a plushy post with Interpol or some similar benign agency? Will anybody notice if she is missing? Can she please take Bill Blair with her?

Will Cameron Ortis, a genuine black hat in the world of spy versus spy be convicted? If he is, will we ever know?

But I digress.

I started this blog in 2017, and about a hundred thousand words later I continue to be encouraged by you and to continue to work on the craft. There are clearly some blogs which hit an exposed nerve and garner a lot of attention, rewarding in its unpredictability.

I continue to look forward to the comments and am still surprised by the people taking the time to write and offer up their well thought out opinions. Personally, I have connected and re-connected to people across the country and a few around the world.

I try and improve the style and content with every publication but like most people who make an attempt to write, I am usually never totally satisfied. Thomas Mann said “a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

My fragile ego aside, to those who read and follow along, I offer a heart felt thank-you and this season’s best wishes.

We will see you on the flip side.

The North Pole as photographed by the Mars Express via Flickr Commons by Justin Cowart – Some Rights Reserved

20 thoughts on “Merry X!

  1. Best to you are yours Pete. Many more. Keep up the good work.

    Love this xmas post. Interesting questions and will we ever see answers?



  2. Thank you Peter and the very same good wishes back atcha. Your always provocative missives stimulate the thought processes and compel a second sober thought at significant events that continue to unfold. Occasionally I read comments that irk, but almost always they are food for my poor sullied gray matter to digest. Whenever I spot “From the Yellow Tape” in my mailbox, I know I will have a period of sober reflection after my read.


  3. Back at you Pete. You are doing a superb job of dissecting and analysis that brings the issues into crystal clarity. I wholeheartedly agree with this last missive, and I am going to refrain from the inevitable talk of the bureaucratic BS over Christmas with my two sons in the Force who are loving the job but have no time for the stuff we put up with for years before retiring. All the best for ’22.


  4. Hello again Pete,

    Thanks again for the contributions and common sense. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Staying positive and testing negative,



  5. As always, informative, interesting and entertaining. Please keep writing, we need your witty assessment of our chaotic society.


  6. Peter have been reading all your well researched posts with a good deal of interest. I see you’ve moved back to Vcr if your interested would like to do a coffee sometime or better yet perhaps golf with WW in North Van. Merry Christmas And the best for 2022 to you and your family. Rod



  7. Merry Christmas to you Pete! If I could write you 1004’s, I would and they’d be in the hundreds. I look forward to your 2022 missives. You speak for untold thousands of us. Have a rest and recharge. Be safe.


  8. Merry Christmas and the best to you and yours in the upcoming year. I do enjoy reading your articles Peter…agree with some of your points of view but not all. Your articles are always thought provoking however and often lead me to discussions with others. Keep the articles coming.


  9. Happy New Year Peter,

    Your thoughtful reviews of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrots of the world around us, has and continues to be much appreciated. I have passed a few along to others, who occasionally agree and pass it along to others.

    The Force and our chaotic world most certainly needs to be transcribed with a specific point of view. Yours has been and continues to be one that I enjoy.

    May you continue unfettered until there’s nothing more to write about.



  10. Thank you Pete, I so relish in your writing, I’ll keep nagging for that “book.” I check the site everyday in anticipation for the next posting and get so excited to sit with a cup of coffee and read away.
    A Merry Christmas to you and family and may the New Year bring us all out of lockdown!
    I absolutely loved (and chuckled) over the questions posed, thanks Pete.


  11. As always thank you for all you do to research and inform. I hope the holidays provide you with a well deserved opportunity for a rest and look forward to your writings in 2022. Take good care.


  12. keep up the great writing Pete I love your columns. They are informative and extremely well thought out. Happy New Year and keep them coming!!


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