Some Summer Mysteries for the beach…

As the dog days of summer loom, those lazy hazy days, when serene contemplation comes easily– there are a number of mysteries being forced into my thoughts. Well, maybe mysteries is a bit of an exaggeration, maybe things that just make you wonder, scratch your head, or raise that proverbial eyebrow.

So here is just a few of the sporadic items which have been somewhat interfering in my enjoyment of sunshine and warm breezes.

Yesterday, I was caught up in the story of PAD dogs being introduced to the Surrey RCMP. For those that don’t know, PAD dogs are certified assistance dogs, for those suffering from mobility and PTSD issues, and are there to provide comfort. What struck me, as the PAD dogs have been around for victim services inside Surrey detachment since 2019, is that this press release says that the Mounties are looking forward to “welcome an assistance dog to support the wellness of our officers and Staff at Surrey Detachment”. Maybe it’s cynicism, maybe it’s an old veteran looking at the modern world with weary eyes, but somewhere in the last few years the police have now become victims. Press officers are now lamenting on a regular basis the effect a particular case it is having on its officers. Are we to believe that the public when calling in for police assistance, no matter what the level and form of help is needed, now are dealing with persons more concerned about their own welfare? Do we not expect a level of professionalism, a form of detachment from the emotional, a calmness and directness or is everyone now just expecting a group hug, a mutual shoulder to cry on. Should our officers not be trained to expect and handle trauma as part of their job, should there not be an expectation and preparation for taking on duties that deal with the dark side of humanity? It’s just a bit of a mystery to me where we are going with all this.

Recently the Vancouver City Police said that they did not have the resources to do the “clean sweep” of the downtown Eastside, which everyone knows has become a circus tent city of filth and despair; and it has grown to ridiculous proportions since the VPD took away their attendance to assist with the sanitation and fire department, who would go through the area and try to remove the garbage and buildup of drug infused detritus of the homeless. Up until now I always thought that keeping the peace and maintaining law and order was part of their job. Instead the VPD are apologizing for the trauma that they may have caused. Here is a news flash for the VPD executives– what you do as a police department is often trauma causing. This is while at the same time with their apparent diminished resources, the VPD are issuing press releases and photos of their officers patrolling the beaches in their uniforms and spiffy ATV’s; no doubt in search of rowdy behaviour and illegal drinking. Another mystery but my guess is that the VPD are playing politics with the city council.

Speaking of first responders. How is that (and this is very city centric in view) the fire department is attending medical calls (70 % of their calls are now medical). They are attending in multi-ton trucks, blowing their air horns and attending Code 3 no matter what the level of medical call. While at the same time there are not enough ambulances and paramedics to attend calls. Why is it not obvious that if you took away even 50% of the budget and manpower of the fire departments, and gave it to the paramedics, we would be far better along? Believe it or not the fire department is now complaining about spending too much time waiting around for the ambulance to arrive. Mysterious indeed.

Millions of dollars have now been expended on the visit of the Pope, not to mention the trips to the Vatican for the Indigenous to press the Pope with the constant need for apologies. And why is the long list of apologies pried from the Pope, and every other level of politician and sycophant always the “first step to reconciliation”? Is there ever going to be a “second step”? Is the $2-4 billion Olympic bid (without the approval of the city by referendum by the way) the “second step” to reconciliation? Also a bit of a mystery that will likely never be answered.

Can someone, anyone, explain to me why the City of Vancouver, which is basically broke, has the resources to join a futile and probably frivolous class action law suit, contributing $700,000 taxpayer dollars to go up against the oil companies. This suit is designed to force the oil companies to pay for any city costs associated with “climate change”. Throwing money into the wind may not be a mystery, this may be just stupidity.

Why is that we have a climate “crisis”, a covid virus “crisis”, a housing “crisis” along with a homeless “crisis” but not an “inflation” crisis? Inflation is at 6% in this country, if measured generously, which will cause immense economic devastation in its many forms. Yet, we don’t seem to be overly concerned other than the surface reporting of the price of gas and a bag of groceries. Its effect on government debt, on static or fixed incomes seems for the most part to be given little attention. The overall negative effects it is going to have on this country, long and short term and on productivity is obvious. A mystery as to why there are not protests in the streets.

How is it that climate change is blamed for every heat wave, every forest fire, and large rainfall? Scientifically of course it is just not possible to determine that daily fluctuations in the weather are all attributable to climate change, at least not without years of comparative study. Have you not noticed that the temperature new records are beating, by half a degree are records from the 1960’s or the early 1900’s? Is the consistent chant of climate change, working to alter scientific perception and analyses?

The latest health disaster is the monkeypox. At the time of this writing there were 957 cases across the country. That translates into a percentage of .00258 cases in Canada. Something that has to be taken seriously for sure, but should it be garnering the attention of every headline writer across Canada is one question? But what is mysterious is the lack of honesty in the reporting of the most common victims of it, because the government is worrying about “stigmatizing” the primary effected group, which is gay men. In fact the city of Montreal is advising those in the gay community to get the vaccine, rather than “limiting the number of people they have sex with”. Why is the government and the press suborning the facts, why are they reluctant to report? Have we gone so far down the road of not being offensive that we don’t report the facts, even when it is claimed as a world wide health crisis? It can only make you wonder about all health reporting. Have the Covid Stats been altered to serve a government agenda? It does make you question at the very least.

There are news reports that Kelowna detachment is running with a vacancy of about 40% which they are trying to deal with by calling on those outside the detachment and a weekly call goes out to Reserve officers. The fact that the RCMP is suffering shortages throughout every Province under contract policing is well known as the degeneration has been going on year after year for a decade. That is not much of a mystery, the officers have been complaining about the police to population ratio reaching catastrophic numbers, since the 1990’s. The solution is long term, there is no short term cure, and the population will have to bear up despite motherhood statements coming from the executive suites in the RCMP. The mystery is how this now unionized force and its representatives in the National Police Federation are not screaming heatedly from the rooftops. They have put out the odd press release about staffing levels, but clearly their primary focus is the losing fight to keep the RCMP in Surrey and their concern about the rumblings of a Provincial police force in Alberta. It is mysterious how this most serious issue is not front and centre at every media opportunity.

Of course there are multiple mysteries that come out of the Federal Government on a regular basis. Today, the unions of Ottawa and Federal offices around the country are spitting mad that they may actually have to go back to the work site. We have also learned that the Federal government, after 2 1/2 years of working from home, have no consistent plan across all departments for them to go back to work. even on a part time basis. The union heads are worried about “safety issues” under the “9th wave” of Covid. The mystery is how we, in the rest of the country put up with it.

So you can easily see that there are many other mysteries worth reading at the beach as you adjust the sand out of your shorts, but these were just a few that came into mind. Did you hear that Kim Kardashian has broken up with Pete Davidson? Nobody would have predicted that, quite a mystery as they were clearly madly in love. Or you can try and figure out why we are being inundated with thousands of pictures of Ben Affleck and J Lo as they clearly pose on their honeymoon and wonder why the hell anyone would care?

You could try and figure out why Commissioner Lucki has not resigned. One would have thought that anyone with a modicum of pride would have stepped aside by now.

You could try and figure out who is Justin Trudeau’s barber.

If you are up for a greater challenge, you could even try and figure out the ArriveCan app, and why Canadians are willing to give up all their personal information to the government to safeguard; the same government whose privacy and computer skills sent $26 million in payments to the wrong bank accounts.

Better yet, we can try and figure out why my hair only grows on the side of my head, in my ears, and in my nose, but not on the top of my head. Now, there is a mystery worth solving.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Daily via Flickr Commons – Some rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Some Summer Mysteries for the beach…

  1. Great musings, Pete. If only we had authentic answers to all of those questions. As for the Commissioner, she has lost all authority. Honour is no longer held in high esteem within HQ. The Force is adrift.


    1. A thought provoking blog to say the least. On the topic of Kelowna RCMP and its achievement of the highest crime rate in BC and 3rd in the country, this should not come as a surprise. Kelowna has long been known as Surrey by the Lake. However, for Supt. Triance to suggest their high crime rate is due to tourists, I want to assure her, that during my frequent trips to Kelowna, I am not committing crimes.


  2. You could try and figure out who is Justin Trudeau’s barber.

    I could have been with a pair of Horse Clippers.




  3. Police have now become victims. The Indigenous and apologizing. Climate.

    This is consistent with the culture of victimization that has been sweeping western civilization for about 15 years. It easier to placate and apologize than to tell folks to “man up” or live in the real world without getting screams of abuse from the mental health, indigenous, climate and poverty industrial complexes.

    Fire Department:

    I read an article with a graph that compared the number of fires to the HR growth in fire departments and it was X-shaped. How do fire departments manage to continue to grow? The answer lies in the fantastic lobbying they do using fire fear porn; the high number of fire-persons that run for political office; and how they have rebranded themselves as Emergency Medical Services and not just fire extinguishers.

    Downtown Eastside.

    Having worked there, there is no answer to this that would be acceptable to the woke class. Only tough love would resolve this mess. Hence you have Seattle, Portland, San Fran, Amsterdam and the DTES.


    Everyone knows the truth. We learned nothing from the AIDS crisis of the 80’s. The alphabet crowd are in control of this narrative. I dare any politician to tell the truth and provoke them.

    Soft vacancies in detachments.

    This has been going on for at least 2 decades. I calculated 15-25 % in every detachment I’ve worked at. It’s directly related to unlimited sick leave abuse and mental health make-believe nonsense. Any attempt to battle it as a supervisor sees you going up against the HSO, EMRO and the Admin. Manual. The solution is easy: change the sick leave policy. But the NPF has said that there is no abuse so there we have it.

    Speaking of the NPF, they blew their wad with the pay increase and now spends its time justifying its existence by battling the Govt. of Alberta, sending out thank you and praise e-mails to satisfy the “I-need-a-pat-on-the-back” crowds and running internal elections.

    Work From Home:

    I tried to deal with this and had to explain to the laptop-commando crowd that police service personnel really need to be in the office or on the street to do their jobs. It was kind of implied in the job ad. The fact that I had to explain this to anyone is mind-bending. Do roofers or farmers or pilots or astronauts or even firemen work from home? I don’t think so. I lost that battle.

    Commissioner Lucki & JT.

    When you have no integrity , sense of shame or capacity for self-analysis, why would you leave such high paying jobs?

    ArriveCan App.

    Created by the fearful to placate the anxious and paranoid. Like everything related to the covid hysteria, it’ll be difficult to remove without strong leadership and that is in short supply.


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